Growth Marketing Lead Engineer

Full-Time (Onsite), Independent Contractor, Internship, Part-Time
Offsite (freelance), Santa Monica HQ

We’re looking for a highly-diverse and brilliant Growth (Marketing) Lead that is obsessed with creating user growth and wants to be a key team member to create the next big FinTech unicorn. We are seeking someone who is the perfect mix of growth engineer, growth hacker and growth marketer that understands the importance of finding unconventional new ways to capture millions of new users and has the creative mind to “discover” these methods, the technical know-how to build tools that accomplish these goals, and the true passion and relentless persistence to try, fail and try again, and never stop until unbelievable growth is achieved as a result. Must have experience in engineering, growth hacking, growth marketing, digital advertising and social media. As our Growth Lead, growth engineer and growth hacker, you will be 110% hands on building core features for growth on our platform, as well as increasing reach through marketing, advertising and communications that lead to funnels to onboard users for multiple sides of our network simultaneously and create compounding exponential growth.

In addition to growth engineering, you will take direct ownership and initiative to work directly with our entire team (including outside PR, etc) to test, build and consistently deploy new, effective, high conversion communications strategies that include multi-channel innovative digital marketing with strong social reach and that creates influence.  Writing 20 variations of a headline, subject line or article copywriting and A/B testing until the highest conversion message is found is just as easy for you as writing an automated tool that connects to a vpn, runs a headless browser, scans for keywords across multiple social platforms and responds to users in natural language leading them to convert.  You live to create user funnels, and will readily test 50 variations of user account creation until the perfect, most optimal and highest conversion, lowest friction solution is found. You take pride in touting your growth metrics and understand that every word, every pixel, every click and every referral really does make a huge difference.

The ideal candidate will have deep experience and passion finding unconventional solutions through scraping, hacking, and coding equally as much as they have a deep passion crafting and A/B testing new marketing messages, working with digital advertising platforms, tracking conversions and creating high-visibility communications campaigns — you understand that the end goal is exponential, viral growth and you’ll stop at nothing and use any and all weapons in the arsenal to achieve this.

Experience and/or strong knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is expected.


  • Plan and execute new and unconventional “guerilla” growth hacks to narrowly target new users, that can run in automated ways and lead to compounding exponential user growth across a multi-sided network
  • Orchestrating key product features involving gamification, incentives and influencer networks, that lead to exponential growth and network effects with a strong focus on reduction of friction, increased conversion, and optimization of user experience for growth.
  • Design and deploy new features with a focus on making growth a core and central part of the product including built-in incentive systems, affiliate system, ambassador rewards program, influencer targeting, mass user referral system, bounties, airdrops, and notifications / messaging backends
  • User growth and retention via A/B testing, CTAs, emails, and organic interest
  • Expanding and developing additional user growth features for our chat application
  • Create scripts, bots, and scrapers that can automate processes in order to reach a wider audience
  • Build KPI dashboard tools and tracking tools for conversion optimization, optimizing new users, retention, DAU, and tracking transaction volume for revenue growth
  • Engineer new, undiscovered or proven effective creative ways rapidly acquire new users in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market segment
  • Be as confident in your ability to write great high-conversion copy as you are in your ability to write great high-conversion code
  • Plan and execute broad multi-channel and omnichannel digital campaigns all highly optimized for conversion prior to deployment of a large and significant marketing budget
  • Work within a team as the primary driver on strategic growth initiatives to scale CoinCircle’s user base, media footprint, and digital presence using any and all means necessary (coding, hacking, advertising, marketing, PR, etc)
  • Conduct bid optimization; develop and implement strategies for keyword bidding, keyword selection and match type, account structure, audience testing, ad copy testing, and general A/B testing to meet and exceed ROI targets
  • Track, test, and report on all marketing efforts using marketing analytics software
  • Monitor our rapid organic traffic growth through search console and manage SEO projects
  • Develop and maintain a strong social media presence using semi-automated and fully automated means


  • Proven software engineering experience, including data science experience, solid backend skills, and experience creating fluid front-end user experiences
  • Strong command of Python or a similar scripting language to automate processes or tasks (either as internal tools or as web-based backend tools, or both)
  • Experience using React, Golang, as well as existing blockchains such as Ethereum, Solidity, Web3 (or) interacting with data from any major blockchain is a HUGE bonus.
  • Integrating with relevant APIs for growth including Amazon / AWS (SES, SNS, S3, EC2, etc), Twitter, Facebook, Google, Telegram, Reddit, and other potentially relevant APIs (vpn APIs, tor, selenium, etc)
  • Experience with advertising APIs and integration with a variety of ad networks (pixel tracking, retargeting, event tracking, cookies, etc)
  • Demonstrable experience leading comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that have resulted in user growth in the millions
  • Ability to write, draft compelling messaging, utilize high-conversion contagious and creative copy that gets users hooked and confident in your ability to build hype and momentum.
  • Exceptional knowledge of metrics, specifically A/B, multivariate testing and ROI analysis
  • Substantial knowledge and real-world experience with event-based web analytics tools and conversion tracking systems (Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Experience using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, retargetting, tracking pixels, etc
  • Experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels to optimize conversions and user acquisition
  • 5+ years working in growth engineering and growth marketing preferred

CoinCircle’s vision is to tokenize and decentralize the world. We are building solutions for key components to enable the future of a mature blockchain ecosystem – from enterprise tokenization to an integrated wallet and trading platform, to token transaction layers and enterprise APIs for both companies and consumers to quickly, easily and seamlessly interact with a blockchain. We are building infrastructure that will be necessary for the practical application of the inevitable decentralized future. This includes an end-to-end scalable platform, an exchange w/ an API and integrated wallet systems, all of which are at various phases of development. CoinCircle was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the beautiful high-tech and sunny startup scene of Santa Monica, California just a couple blocks from the beach (which is starting to become known as “Blockchain Beach”).

If this sounds exciting, you believe you have what it takes and are up for the challenge to join a fast-paced and sometimes demanding startup environment where we’re redefining the future of transactions that will lead to the future of everything — then definitely apply now!

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